Abandoned Mine Type: Support Race: Neutral  Cost: 4 Loyalty: 0  Power: 2  Building. 
Kingdom. Action: At the beginning of your turn, you may return one of your developments to its owner's hand.  Set: TST Number: 19 Quantity:  Illustrator: Caravan Studio

Bolt of Change

Type: Tactic Race: Chaos  Cost: 1 Loyalty: 2  Spell.
Action: Until the end of the turn, one target development becomes a unit with 2 hit points and [Power][Power]. It also counts as a development.  Shed this stone skin and slay our foes. Set: TST Number: 11 Quantity: Illustrator: Christopher Ocampo

Chosen of Tzeench

Type: Unit Race: Chaos  Cost: 3 Loyalty: 2  Power: 1 Hit Points: 2  Sorceror.
Quest. Action: Spend 1 resource to deal 1 damage to one target damaged unit (limit once per turn).  Let change flow froth from your wounds. Set: TST Number: 10 Quantity: Illustrator: Chris Trevas

Clan Rats

Type: Unit Race: Neutral  Cost: 2 Loyalty: 0  Power: 1 Hit Points: 1  Skaven.
Destruction only.
Action: Corrupt this unit to have one other target Skaven unit gain [Power] until the end of the turn.  Quick, quick. You go first. I guard your tail. Set: TST Number: 16 Quantity: Illustrator: Alex Boyd


Type: Support Race: Neutral  Cost: 2 Loyalty: 0  Power: 1  Building.
Kingdom. While you control two or more developments in this zone, lower the cost for you to play Attachment cards by 1.  Iron and steel, blood and sweat, the forge takes it all. Set: TST Number: 20 Quantity: Illustrator: Caravan Studio

Greyseer Thanquol

Type: Unit Race: Neutral  Cost: 3 Loyalty: 0  Power: 1 Hit Points: 1  Hero. Skaven.
Limit one Hero per zone. Destruction only.
This unit may attack from any zone.
While attacking, this unit gains [Power] for each Skaven unit you control.  Boneripper, quick quick. Bite slay kill! Set: TST Number: 15 Quantity: Illustrator: Sam Wood

Gurni's Elite 

Type: Unit Race: Dwarf  Cost: 3 Loyalty: 3  Power: 3 Hit Points: 1  Warrior. Elite.
Battlefield only.  Short tempered, and spoilin' for a fight. Set: TST Number: 1 Quantity: Illustrator: Adrian Smith


Type: Tactic Race: Empire  Cost: 1 Loyalty: 2 
Action: Target opponent cannot draw more than one card this turn.  The Empire knows the greatest enemy comes from within. Set: TST Number: 4 Quantity: Illustrator: Eric Polak

Malus Darkblade 

Type: Unit Race: Dark Elf  Cost: 5 Loyalty: 3  Power: 3 Hit Points: 3  Hero.
Limit one Hero per zone.
At the end of your battlefield phase, deal 1 damage to each of your opponent's units that could have defended but did not.  Set: TST Number: 12 Quantity: Illustrator: Adrian Smith

Marious the RighteousType: Unit Race: Neutral 

Cost: 4 Loyalty: 0  Power: 2 Hit Points: 4  Hero. Witchhunter.
Limit one Hero per zone. Order only.
Quest. Action: Spend 1 resource to deal 1 damage to one target corrupted unit in the battlefield.  Suffer not the witch to live. Set: TST Number: 18 Quantity: Illustrator: Lin Yang

Morathi's Pegasus 

Type: Unit Race: Dark Elf  Cost: 3 Loyalty: 2  Power: 1 Hit Points: 3  Cavalry.
Toughness 3 (whenever this unit is assigned damage, cancel 3 of that damage).
Action: Spend 3 resources to have this unit lose all Toughness until the end of the turn. Only an opponent may trigger this ability.  Set: TST Number: 13 Quantity: Illustrator: Sam Wood

Nordland Halberdiers 

Type: Unit Race: Empire  Cost: 4 Loyalty: 2  Power: 2 Hit Points: 2  Warrior.
You my play this unit from your hand any time you could take an action.  Held in reserve, until just the right moment. Set: TST Number: 3 Quantity: Illustrator: Sam Wood

Repair the Waystones

Type: Quest Race: High Elf  Cost: 0 Loyalty: 3 
Action: Discard 3 resource tokens from this card to target a support card in your discard pile, and put it onto play in your quest zone.
Quest. Forced: Place 1 resource token on this card at the beginning of your turn if a unit is questing here.  Set: TST Number: 7 Quantity: Illustrator: Games Workshop Ltd

Spider Riders 

Type: Unit Race: Orc  Cost: 1 Loyalty: 1  Power: 0 Hit Points: 1  Cavalry.
Battlefield. This unit gains [Power][Power] while attacking.  We'z can go anywhere on dese Spidurs! Set: TST Number: 8 Quantity: Illustrator: Games Workshop Ltd

Stand Your Ground

Type: Tactic Race: Dwarf  Cost: 1 Loyalty: 2 
Action: Put into play one target [Dwarf] unit that entered your discard pile this turn. (You choose the zone in which the unit enters play.)  Nothing but a scratch! Set: TST Number: 2 Quantity: Illustrator: Paul [Prof] Herbert

Steel's Bane

Type: Tactic Race: High Elf  Cost: 1 Loyalty: 2 
Action: Cancel the next 10 damage that would be dealt to one target [High Elf] unit this turn.  How plain. How pitiful. Set: TST Number: 6 Quantity: Illustrator: Chris Trevas


Type: Unit Race: High Elf  Cost: 5 Loyalty: 3  Power: 2 Hit Points: 4  Hero.
Limit one Hero per zone.
Forced: Whenever an opponent attacks this zone, he must return one of his attacking units to its owner's hand at the end of the turn.  I shall see the High Elves return to glory! Set: TST Number: 5 Quantity: Illustrator: April Lee

War Paint

Type: Support Race: Orc  Cost: 0 Loyalty: 1  Power: 0  Attachment.
Attach to a target unit in your battlefield.
Attached unit gains [Power] for each damage on it.  "Dis paint make me dead 'ard." Set: TST Number: 9 Quantity: Illustrator: Brad Rigney

Warp Lightning Cannon

Type: Support Race: Neutral  Cost: 2 Loyalty: 0  Power: 0  Attachment. Weapon. Skaven.
Destruction only.
Attach to a target unit. Corrupt that unit.
Attached unit gains [Power][Power][Power] while attacking or defending.  Set: TST Number: 17 Quantity: Illustrator: Franz Vohwinkel

We Need Your Blood

Type: Tactic Race: Dark Elf  Cost: 1 Loyalty: 1 
Action: One target unit gets -1 hit points and another target unit gets +1 hit points until the end of the turn.  The Cauldron demands sacrifice. Set: TST Number: 14 Quantity: Illustrator: Dan Wheaton

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