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Warhammer: Invasion is a 2 player "Living Card Game" from Fantasy Flight Games, first published in 2009.

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The forces of Order: Empire, Dwarves and High Elves face off against the forces of Destruction: Chaos, Orks and Dark Elves in the Warhammer Old World in this fast pace skirmish card game.

Each player has a capital with 3 zones that control how many resources you get, how many cards you get, and how many units you can attack with. Destroy 2 of your opponent's zones or run out their deck to win. You must balance developing and defending each zone to ensure you have enough resources to play cards, enough cards to play, and enough units to attack.

The core set comes with everything needed for 2 players to start playing and there are preset decks you can play with or you can build your own custom deck. There are several expansions, but as a Living Card Game there are no random purchases, so you know what you are getting from each expansion. However, in order to include the allowed max of 3 of any card, you would need to buy 3 core sets and Assault on Ulthuan expansions. The rest of the expansions have 3 of each card.

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