The following list is of the 40-card expansion packs, called Battle Packs.

Battle Packs by CycleEdit

The Corruption Cycle

  • Path of the Zealot
  • Tooth and Claw
  • The Deathmaster's Dance
  • The Warpstone Chronicles
  • Arcane Fire

The Enemy Cycle

  • The Burning of Derricksburg
  • The Fall of Karak Grimaz
  • The Silent Forge
  • Redemption of a Mage
  • The Fourth Waystone
  • Bleeding Sun

The Morrisleb Cycle

  • Omens of Ruin
  • The Chaos Moon
  • The Twin Tailed Comet
  • Signs in the Stars
  • The Eclipse of Hope
  • Fiery Dawn

The Capital Cycle

  • The Inevitable City
  • Realm of the Phoenix King
  • The Iron Rock
  • Karaz-a-Karak
  • City of Winter
  • The Imperial Throne

The Bloodquest Cycle

  • Rising Dawn
  • Fragments of Power
  • The Accursed Dead
  • Vessel of the Winds
  • Portent of Doom
  • Shield of the Gods

Eternal War Cycle

  • Days of Blood
  • Oaths of Vengeance
  • Battle for the Old World
  • Glory of Days Past
  • The Ruinous Hordes
  • Faith and Steel

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